Family Law


Divorce is an unfortunate fact of life If you require caring, confidential help to pick up the pieces we can provide it. The objective of Divorce law is to unbind the matrimonial knot as painlessly as possible and achieve a fair division of the financial assets of the marriage, giving priority to the needs of any children.

We have a sympathetic but firm approach that comes from experience and an understanding of the relevant law and of those solutions which are or are not possible.

We will assist you in trying to resolve the dispute and where necessary by making appropriate an application to the court. We will always endeavour to attempt to negotiate rather than litigate. A problem resolved by informed agreement is of far more value than a Court Order. We are constantly aware that divorcing parents never cease to be parents and each requires respect and trust from the other in the continuing upbringing of the children.

When a relationship breaks down, there may be consequences that extend beyond the relationship. This can include financial issues which may arise and a possibility of there being issues concerning the wellbeing of the children for which we can provide representation in court cases.

We are able to assist and provide representation in respect of cases where the Local Authority areexpressing concern about the children. In these circumstances, Legal Aid is generally available toparents to cover the cost of representation.

  • Protect your future with professional help
  • We emphasise negotiation before litigation
  • Priority given to children's needs
  • Advice on the availability of Legal Aid