Business Law


There are many legal problems ready to ensnare the unwary; we believe prevention is easier (and cheaper) than the cure. We can highlight potential problem areas and settle the relevant legal documentation for your business. We can advise on the setting up of your company; prepare your partnership agreement; prepare your terms and conditions of trading; draw up contracts for your directors and staff.

We can advise an established business on complying with the ever-changing legal requirements.

A growing business is likely to have the occasional legal problem; some can be resolved with a swift telephone call, others may need more time to resolve. It is worth a quick telephone conversation for advice on: contractual disputes; employee problems; accidents at work; property problems.

Many businesses require recurring legal help in connection with their business premises. Shops, offices and factories tend to be leasehold. Disputes can arise with a Landlord and other Tenants when swift advice is required.

We can assist with lease renewal negotiations inrelation or your Landlord's refusal to renew your lease.